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PPC America, Inc.

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Our growth depends on your growth.

PPC America, Inc.


Psychology, math, and experience combined to deliver a marketing plan that will serve you for years to come.

online marketing

An optimized website that conveys your message quickly and gets a prospect to reach out to you.

pay per click campaigns

We help you develop a campaign on Google, Facebook, and other channels to reach your market.

marketing strategy

Create a blue print for your future success.  A good strategy will help protect your success.

alternative marketing

It’s not all about the electrons.  Reaching your market through print, events, and branding.  Get your message out there and show them how you are different.

soft marketing research

Exploring new markets?  Whether on the other side of town or the other side of the ocean.  We can perform introductory research so that you know where you stand.

PPC America, Inc.

digital presentation

Your digital 30 elevator speech.  Beyond good graphics and fast load speeds, help your prospects learn about what makes your business unique.  It’s a blend of coding, psychology, and mathematics.

web design

Like a custom-tailored suit, your site has to convey who you are and it has to stand out.  Our monthly optimization and updating keeps you ahead of the game.

search engine optimization

Find out if a strategy built around SEO is right for you.  We will teach you the basics so that you can make an informed choice.

website maintenance

Your site looks pretty and it’s fast because we stay on top of the many changes with code.

seo audit & strategy

Every business needs an impartial audit.  Identify wasted budget and improve your overall performance.


If it’s a good idea then why not reach past your market?  Let the rest of the world know.

PPC America, Inc.


Retention, retention, retention.  Your prospect may not have a need for you today but that can change by the hour.  Make sure you leave a good impression so that your company is at the top of their list.

logo design

Your company’s banner.  It should be something that states who you are and makes your workers proud to be part of the team.

business cards & flyers

It still works.  Let us help you design a business card that they will not be quick to put away.  A business card design should be able to start a conversation on the spot.

brand management

Help evaluate your company’s opinion and find out what people think of your business.  Grow and improve your image.

print copy

Anywhere your logo flies is free advertising.  Let us recommend a package that will suit your need.

social media graphics

A simple picture or a quick article can help convey a lot of information about the type of company you run.

PPC America, Inc.

additional services

If you’re looking for a marketing partner to grow with your success then we would like to talk with you.  We want to help you reach your potential.

customer surveying

Your customer’s feedback is one of the best consulting donations you will find.

application and practice

We want to be with you every step of the way.  We will teach and guide you through the process.

new product launches

Research product or service perception before you make an offer.  Save time and money.

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