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PPC America, Inc.

Powered by creativity, founded in mathematics

Marketing agency based in Matthews, NC specializing in online marketing, branding, web design and SEO.


PPC America, Inc.

Who we are

We are a marketing agency based out of Matthews, NC.  Our team is a group of creatives and mathematicians and our passion is helping businesses grow their message.  We specialize in creative marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes and maturity levels.  If you need help reaching the next step of your success, or if you are looking for a marketing audit then read on…

PPC America, Inc.

What we do


Psychology, math, and experience combined to deliver a marketing plan that will serve you for years to come.

Digital Presentation

Your digital 30 elevator speech.  Beyond good graphics and fast load speeds, help your prospects learn about what makes your business unique.


Help your customers remember you for the future.  Creative branding helps spread your message beyond advertising.

PPC America, Inc.

Big or small, all businesses need to market their brand

Beautiful logos, creative slogans, and sharp websites aren’t for big businesses only.  Every business should present a sharp and creative impression.  Whether you are trying to represent a serious solution or a service with a humorous approach you should always leave your client with the impression that you are a professional.

PPC America, Inc. can help deliver your idea to market.

let’s start a project together

PPC America, Inc.

We are at your side

If you’re looking for a marketing partner to grow with your success then we would like to talk with you.  We want to help you reach your potential.




PPC America, Inc.

Your brand reaching markets through strategy

Let’s talk numbers or drawings.  We are a team of industry specialists from many disciplines.  Sometimes you need to stare at a logo and sometimes at an endless spreadsheet of trend lines and numbers.  Our team has you covered.

PPC America, Inc.

Quick questions
Branding and why it's vital

How often have you searched for a product found a couple of solutions and then put your phone away?  Branding builds memory.  Whether it’s a logo, a motto, or a good impression you need your customer to remember your offer before that customer starts looking elsewhere.  A solid branding strategy grows with your business.  You should fly your company banner so that your prospects remember you, and so that your current customers will have an easier time to spread the word about you.

A sharp image doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  At PPC America, Inc. we will be happy to sit down with you and sharpen your brand.  Even if feel that you can’t draw an outline of a cloud on paper or you don’t have a poetic bone in your body, we can help you with a brand that will serve you for years to come.  Let our creative do the fancy graphics work after our agents help you realize that perfect brand image.

Do I need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a way of driving better traffic to your website.  SEO isn’t a bad thing to have but it isn’t necessarily a critical part of your marketing strategy.  SEO has many variables, the two key being speed and content.  Your site has to be optimized so that it is quick and responsive on many devices.  Have you ever gone to a site that looks pretty but takes forever to show up on the screen?  Does your site load quickly on your computer or cell phone?

Content is the other important factor.  This is your contribution to your website through your opinion, your stories, and your evaluations.  People searching for an answer to a subject you wrote about will be directed to your site.  From there you have a chance at convincing that person that your business has more than just an article’s worth of value.  That potential customer might take the initiative and contact you thus create a sales relationship.

What is Marketing?

You probably receive at least 2 solicitations from marketing specialists every week.  People talking about SEO, PPC, and sales sales and more sales.  The truth is that marketing is not a guarantee of sales.  You are your sales department because you are your business’ specialist.  Marketing finds potential customers and presents your company as a solution to the customer’s problem.  It’s up to the customer to take the initiative, we call a conversion, in order to start that relationship that will lead to a sale.  Marketing is not a profit center, but it should pay for it-self with returns on your dollar.

I have a working website, why do I need you?

Technology changes every year.  New web frames are developed to be richer and more efficient.  An outdated site can have the same effects as no website at all.  If we called you then that means we’ve looked over your site and there are some things that we can improve on.

We will be happy to discuss the ways you can improve your digital image.  Remember that sharp, rich, and fast is what your potential customer expects.  Unless you can catch their attention with a good story or well-placed pictures, that potential customer is more than likely to click off your site within 20 seconds if not sooner.  You have that half-minute digital elevator speech to convince them to contact you and begin a relationship.

Your digital presentation is waiting for your prospects, and it’s affordable.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click is the purchased cousin of SEO.  Where SEO is slowly built up through your contributions PPC is paid advertising on a channel like Google or Facebook.  You set a daily budget and key phrases.  Whenever a potential customer types in a relevant phrase your ad shows up, that’s an impression.  When the potential customer clicks on your ad you are charged for that click. 

PPC advertising is a powerful way of driving new prospects to your business, but it has to be constantly monitored so that you are paying for the right type of customer.  Whether you have 10 dollars a day or 1000 in your budget that has to be money well spent.  At PPC America we love math, we spend the time to analyze your PPC dollars and work with you to drive better potential customers.

So how does this work?

Our relationship begins with a 5 to 10 minute phone call.  We want to make sure that we understand your situation and, more importantly, we want to be sure we can help you.  The next follow-up is usually on your site.  A sit down to get to know you better and get a good understanding where you are.  From there we will propose a marketing scheme that is tailored to you and your budget.

Monthly check-ups evaluations and course corrections are presented as the need arises.  We monitor your marketing plan and work with you every step of the way.  With PPC America, Inc. you have an agency in your corner, not just another person trying to sell you a website.

Allow us to handle your marketing so that you can get back to business.

PPC America, Inc.

Don’t understand marketing?

We believe that an educated customer is half the battle.  We want you to learn how everything works from a marketing perspective so that we can both make better decisions about your budget and your goals.

Think of PPC America is your ally that wants you to succeed.  We will help you formulate your strategy or work on your creative projects and show you how it’s done is where we find joy.  You need a trusted marketing specialist and that starts with your understanding of how marketing should work for you.