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Unlocking brilliant minds.

Based on polyvagal theory, the iSavant Assessment gives mentors an unrivaled edge in unlocking the untapped potential of their child or student.


Inner Savant, the inner genius within you

Our assessment identifies iSavant types based on your two primary cognitive strengths. Each iSavant type embodies a cognitive process vital to learning as an individual as well as a function critical to learning in a group setting. So whether you are learning on a team, in a classroom, or by yourself, this assessment can serve as a blueprint to what innate talents you can leverage to reach your potential as a learner.

iSavant Types


Perception / Memory

  • Unusual capacity for foresight
  • Generally aware of realities that conventional wisdom overlook.
  • Open-minded and endowed with an ability to know without the need for analytical thinking

Analysis / Memory

  • Deep awareness of what details from the past are relevant to the present.
  • Innate capacity to distinguish correlation from causation
  • Incredible capacity to store data from the outside world
Memory / Output
  • Strong ability to reframe others’ perception of reality through communication
  • Ability to translate non-linear thinking to linear thinking to communicate overlooked realities.
  • Inspirational catalysts for change
Perception / Organization
  • Excellent awareness of others’ needs
  • Natural instigators of effective collaboration
  • Affinity for order, organization, and commitment
Analysis / Output
  • Free-thinking, adventurous and highly adaptable
  • Willing to undergo challenges in seeking out new experiences
  • Incredible capacity to solve problems on the fly
Perception / Analysis
  • Innate capacity to decipher subtle details
  • Meticulous and methodical approach to the outside world
  • Motivated by a deep need to understand


Unconscious Ego, The story you tell yourself to survive

A stressed environment reinforces a survival response, but the specific story you cling to when stressed is your UEgo Personality Type. Whether your environment is actively a problem or your body is in a chronically stressed state because of past trauma, you will find yourself falling into one (or more) of the behavior patterns below.

uEgo Types

Control Freak


  • Evaluate themselves based on their ability to conform to social standards
  • Tend to either ignore or extinguish realities that don’t conform to their worldview
  • Predisposed to feelings of anxiety and anger
Invisible Integrator

Appease the Other

  • Evaluate themselves based on how they’re perceived by others
  • Tend to sacrifice their sense of self to feel accepted and/or avoid conflict
  • Predisposed to feelings of insecurity and issues with self-esteem
Nonchalant Ne’er-Do-Well

Appease the Self

  • Strong ability to reframe others’ perception of reality through communication
  • Tend to act in manipulative ways for pragmatic/selfish reasons
  • Predisposed to feelings of isolation and loneliness
Escape Artist


  • Evaluate themselves based on their ability to “wing it“ (be successful in spite of social standards)
  • Constantly feel the need to prove themselves to the world
  • Predisposed to distraction, restlessness, and fantasizing about the future
Debbie Downer

Debbie Downer

  • Evaluate themselves based on how they feel within
  • Tend to use stimulation from the outside world as a reason to shut down
  • Predisposed to feelings of depression and apathy

After taking the iSavant assessment yourself, you will receive:

The Report
A detailed summary of your iSavant and uEgo types, providing deep insight into your brain and the gifts you possess as a learner.
The Blueprint
Our proprietary 5 step coaching process to help you unlock the hidden potential of your child or student. .


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